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10 things that passengers do that ANNOY cabin crew,

After spending 15 years in the sky working onboard flights as cabin crew, I worked in various cabins, Economy and Business Class on long haul and short haul flights. Here are a few of those annoying things that passengers can do that annoy the flight attendants!

Obviously the vast majority of passengers were lovely and a real pleasure, unfortunately one or two were not so nice, like in all walks of life and in every job! Please don't take this personally its not you its ME! Here is what flight attendants don't tell you.

10. I tell you what annoys flight attendants, passengers who start doing the ‘downward dog' in the middle of the galley, passengers who start doing stretches and full on aerobics in the galley when we are trying to work in a small confined kitchen/galley area.

It's difficult as it is working in a small space, trying to organise giving out drinks and meals for 200-300 passengers its even harder when 42C is doing legs bums and tums!

9. Don’t bring the cabin crew chocolates and expect a free upgrade, In 15 years I was only able to upgrade 2 or 3 people.

Can a flight attendant upgrade you? technically yes, but it's very unlikely.

Once I upgraded a doctor that helped out with a medical situation, another time was when a lady travelling to New York on a bucket list holiday, as she had terminal illness, and we happened to have around 15 empty Business class seats. So I upgraded the family of 3 and made sure they had the best flight ever.

Apart from that then the crew member would be risking their job and I’m sorry I wouldn’t risk my job for a box of Ferrero Rocher.

8. Don’t let the crew member know you have a large social media following, usually expecting better service, perks and upgrades, if you have such big following then surely you can at least afford premium?

I once had a very famous boyband board a very full flight to LAX, very last minute, they boarded into business class, spotted me and asked if their was any chance of upgrading them? Seriously, you sell out the O2 and your asking for a free upgrade! The flight was full, so off they went to their economy seats, they really took their“one shot"

7. Don't go to the bathroom without shoes, that’s not water on the floor.

6. Don't press the call bell, like ever, especially if your in economy. You've paid to get yourself from A to B, not for a PA for 9 hours. Luckily in the galleys there was a button to reset and switch the call bells off!

Obviously if you are dying or you have a disability its ok to press it.

Once on a flight the same passenger who pressed his call bell at least 20 times, you know the type, he asked for a coke, then pressend the call bell again 2 minutes later, "can I get Ice" he started to become impatient and just pressed his call bell 5-10 times for a immediate attention. Myself and the crew had enough, so we grabbed the onboard defibrillator and ran to him assuming he must be having a medical emergency. It's safe to say he never pressed it again. The sound of the call bell is annoying for all the passengers so its definitely one of the most annoying things people do on flights.

Sometimes as long haul cabin crew I would hear the sound of the call bell in my sleep!

5.Don't ask for a drink as soon as I've just finished a drinks service, I’m now cooking and loading up over 300 meals and about to give them out, you lost your chance for a drink.

4. Please don’t touch me, the amount of times passengers would literally pull on the back my waistcoat, prod me, JUST NO.

3. Do not become over familiar, I was once asked by a passenger in economy on a flight from London to Hong Kong what time he can expect his lap dance! Seriously! Luckily I swiftly replied that I would only ever do that for First Class passengers and immediately put him in his place.

Why would you say that? It’s not ok, ok the airline at the time was trying to be all sexy and bold with its marketing. God knows what the ladies had to put up with!

2. Dont get drunk on a plane, seriously dont, its not cool. If you start getting merry the crew will use various tactics to not serve you and don’t think that we don’t talk to one another, we do.

Flight attendants notice alot about passengers and we communicate these facts with each other. Ok usually if someone is particularly rude, hot, dramatic, we talk about you!

Remember the effect of alcohol are a lot more faster and intense at high altitudes, before you know it you can find yourself in a lot of trouble.

because of the lower level of oxygen in your blood, you may seem more drunk in the air than you would on the ground after consuming the same amount of alcohol

I dealt with passengers from all different countries, for passengers getting drunk on flights the Brits were by far the worse!

What do flight attendants think about business class passengers? well it's the same issues onboard, no matter what class you are travelling in!

1. Don't talk to your flight attendant via someone, oh my god this was so common, in all classes of travel. “Would you like the chicken or beef stew today?” passenger then discusses it with partner, partner answers the crew member on their partners behalf, “she will have the chicken” It was the same in Business class, the amount of times I was told not to ask the celebrity anything, ask the PA ,seriously?! Just spit it out, answer me and don’t be rude! I don't care if you were in Love Island or on Top of the Pop's in 1994.


Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years working in first class with a London based airline. Sometimes crossing the Atlantic 10 times a month!

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