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TRAVEL NEWS! A round up of New flight routes from the UK for 2023

By Travel Blogger, Flight and Travel Expert Mr Plane Guy

New Flights from the UK for 2023

British Airways are planning on 3 new routes all to the Caribbean

London Gatwick to Aruba (Oranjestad)

From March 26, 2023, it will fly to Oranjestad in Aruba twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays, with a stop in Antigua en route. It seems though this has ended TUI 's direct weekly flight from London Gatwick with this stopping in March 2023.

More about the amazing island of Aruba here

London Gatwick to Guyana (Georgetown)

British Airways will also be flying twice a week to Georgetown in Guyana from March 27, 2023. The flight, on Mondays and Thursdays, will be travelling via St Lucia.

London Gatwick to Trinidad (Port of Spain)

A direct route to Port of Spain in Trinidad — BA already serves the route via St Lucia but from March 26, 2023, it will be flying to the island directly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

London Heathrow to Kigali Rwanda

Rwanda Air will turn a previous route to Kigali via Brussels into a direct London Heathrow service. Operating 4 times per week from November the 6th 2022.

New Flights from the UK for 2023

London Stansted to Athens

Jet2 has added Athens to its winter schedule

London Stansted to Rome

4 times per week also with JET2

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London Stansted to Bourgas in Bulgaria

A new Jet2 Twice weekly flight

London Stansted to Rome

As part of its summer schedule, Jet2 will also be flying to Rome four times a week from March 30.

London Stansted to Tivat in Montenegro


London Luton to Madrid

EasyJet launch 6 times per week flight

London Luton to Amman

Wizz Air’s new route to Amman is Starting December 13 2022, the airline will fly to the Jordanian capital three times a week.

Birmingham to Lisbon

Easyjet are offering a twice weekly service operating on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Birmingham to Scicily, Sardinia and Nice

all with JET 2

London Heathrow to Tampa

Virgin Atlantic have complimented their UK to Florida market share by offering a four times a week flight, increasing to daily from 28th November 2022.

Newquay to Dublin, London Stansted and Malaga!

From April 23, 2023, Ryanair will open service from NQY to Dublin, London Stansted and Malaga in Spain.

Newcastle to Dubai

From December 1st, Emirates will boost flying on the Dubai route from 5 times a week to daily.

London Gatwick to New York

From April Delta Airlines will return to London Gatwick after a 10 year plus absence, to offer a seasonal daily New York JFK.

New Flights from the UK for 2023

Both Delta and Virgin Atlantic had planned between them daily JFK and Boston flights from 2020 but this was scrapped after Covid hit.

London Gatwick to Senegal

Weekly service on a TUI 737 MAX aircraft

TUI are launching new direct eight-hour flights to Senegal from the UK in November 2022.

New Flights from the UK for 2023

Route Predictions for 2023

I think with the dollar rate being strong against the weak British pound will mean demand on inbound traffic to the UK, but not so much the other way! So perhaps a shift in capacity to Middle Eastern, African and more Asian routes popping up at some point in 2023.

Rumours of a Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow to Soul route to connect and interline them to joining the Skyteam alliance. I would also predict a route to compliment Kenya Airlines, perhaps a return to Nairobi? With rumours of another return to Dubai, Virgin Atlantic are quite known for dropping routes and then re introducing them if the market is right. They have dropped and returned to Chicago, Mumbai, Cape Town and even Nassau several times. However I would be surprised to see Virgin wanting to go head on with Emirates in this saturated market, so who knows!

Delta seem to be utilising at least one (so far) of Virgins slots at Gatwick on a daily JFK route to compete with British Airways, Jet Blue and Norse Atlantic Airways. Perhaps they will also take Jet Blue on with London Gatwick to Boston and further babysit Virgin's Gatwick slots?

Also predictions of Air Asia X returning to London Gatwick, perhaps Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur?

New Flights from the UK for 2023

I would also predict Norse Atlantic Airways re introducing some of the pre Covid (under Norwegian branding) transatlantic routes, perhaps this time around growing a little bit more cautiously than the predecessor Norwegian. I think a London Gatwick to LA route is on its way very soon.

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For me I think the Luton to Amman route is the most exciting, whilst being on a Wizzair flight for 5 plus hours with 240 passengers squeezed in doesn't excite me! I know I will give the route a try and report back as Jordan has been on my bucket list the last couple of years!

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So lots of great new routes for 2023, as and when new routes are added I will update the list of New Flights from the UK for 2023.

By Travel Blogger, Flight and Travel Expert Mr Plane Guy

Mr Plane Guy | Travel Blogger | Travel and Flight Expert

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17 November 2022

Well I didn't see these coming......

Starting Oct 22nd 2023, Virgin Atlantic will fly a 787-9 three times a week from London Heathrow to the Maldives.

Turks & Caicos will be twice a week onboard a 787-9 also from London Heathrow and this route starts Nov 15th 2023.

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