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Updated: Mar 8

Everything you will ever need to know about Venice and how to visit this amazing city on a budget!

By Travel Blogger Mr Plane Guy.

You know what? I just love booking a cheap flight and jetting off somewhere and exploring, January is such a dull depressing month! Taking down the Christmas decorations, broken resolutions, tax returns and not to mention strikes everywhere!

I checked out Skyscanner and noticed a flight to Venice for £17! Yes £17!! I booked a small and friendly hotel off and off I went the next day!

So here's my guide to Venice on a budget and how I visited this city with flights, hotels and everything for 2 nights from London for less than£150!


What is the best month to go to Venice?

Venice's best travel months are April, May, June, September, and October. June-September as well as being super hot the island is very overcrowded with tourists and cruise passengers.

November and December is a great time to visit for the lovely christmas lights and markets. I last visited the end of January, this was a great time to visit Venice, it was quiet, flights were super cheap, and do you know what? It was lovely blue skies and sunny (you still needed a big coat though!)

Is 3 days in Venice too much?

Gosh no, with lots to see and do here, don't forget to spend at least 4 hours visiting the island of Burano, check this post out.

How many days do you need at Venice?

How many nights in Venice is enough?

I think 2 nights is plenty to take in the delightful city. You could always visit another neighbouring city,

  • Milan to Venice 2:30 by train (tickets from around $10)

  • Verona to Venice 1:15 by train (tickets are from $5.90)

  • Bologna to Venice 1:40 by train ($10-$20)

  • Florence to Venice just under 3 hours (tickets are around $10!)

  • Rome to Venice 3:40 (tickets from $15)

Milan to Rome is also now operated by Trenitalia a high speed service already runs between Milan and Rome, with a journey time of just 2 hours and 45 minutes. These new high speed services complement an already choice of train connections throughout Italy, including the Venice-Florence-Rome-Naples train service. Is there a dress code in Venice? NO dress code!! Anything goes, remember Italians are super chic though! Do people really search for this on google?! WOW!

Are tourists allowed in Venice Italy?

Erm, Yes of course and they are super welcomed! You do have to pay a new tourist tax on accommodation.

The tourist tax for Venice is between 1 to 5 Euro's per person, depending on the accommodation. Budget Hotels in Venice

I stayed at the B&B Al Palazzetto More about that further on in this guide, this was £53 B&B and I booked it with

Here are some other Budget hotels in Venice I would recommend,

  • Hotel Rigel

  • Hotel Dalla Mora

  • Hotel Plaza Venice

  • Palazzo Guardi

  • Albergo Marin

Top hotels in Venice

My Top 5 things to do in Venice

  1. Doge's Palace in St Marks Square is just breathtaking! The palace consists of several buildings all from the 14th and 15th century and dates from the Renaissance (not Beyonce's album) You can learn about Venice's history and just take in the history and with interiors that will make you turn every corner and go "WOW" Is Doge's palace worth a visit YES. Tickets for adults are around €32!

  2. The Grand canal and a gondola ride, so a standard gondola ride is around €80 for a 30 minute ride, don't try to haggle as its a standard fee thats not negotiated and if you want to go at night time its €120

  3. Take a day trip to the neighbouring islands of Murano and Burano, I didn't go to Murano myself but I loved Burano! I wrote a full blog post about it here! Get the Vaperetto line 12 as part of your 24 hour city pass from Fonamente Nove. (F.Nove) its very easy and takes 45 minutes to an hour.

  4. Visit the most charming book store in Europe! libreria Acqua alta it has great photo opportunities and you can stand and take photos in their gondola!

  5. Visit the iconic and most famous bridge The Rialto Bridge, take lots of pics enjoy an Aperol Spritz in a nearby bar.

This bookstore was so unique and the photo opportunities were rare and absolutely INCREDIBLE for these book lovers. We visit bookstores all around the world and we won’t forget this charming bookshop on the canals of Venice! Recommendation: go early when it opens for less crowds!



You can take a gondola for €2 by just taking a ride on the Traghetto, thats a gonola that crosses the Grand Canal, perfect if you just want a few photos for Instagram! It only takes a couple of minutes, make sure you have the right change and no luggage and enjoy the ride!


Buy the 24 hour transport card its around €25

What I spent in Venice

I travelled to Venice in low season and stayed at a family friendly local independent hotel including bed and breakfast for 2 nights/3 full days so I chose a later flight back into London.


LGW- VCE with Wizz Air £17

VCE- LGW with EasyJet £29


£53 per night for a standard double with B&B

I booked it with I also had a travel voucher for £20 off YAY!

B&B Al Palazzetto

This hotel was really charming, run by a local family who also live at the hotel, it almost felt like I was visiting and staying at an Italian relatives "Nonas".

It smelt super clean! Breakfast was nice, a few pastries and fresh coffee so great value! The location was super central so I would recommend this hotel if you want more of a small and friendly local budget place to stay in Venice.

Reception was a bit chaotic, but added to the charm at B&B

Al Palazzetto!

How to get around in Venice-Transport in Venice

Return ticket from the Airport by bus €18

Venice 24 Hour travel Pass/Card €25

Don't forget to validate your ticket before each journey.

Food and Drink in Venice

Espresso €2

Pizza €4

Pasta €10

Apperol spritz €5

Meal, Aribbata Pasta, Tiramisu with local beer €17 in a local taverna

and of course a,

Fridge Magnet €2.50

Flights to Venice

So if your counting then yes it came to a total of €170 but I used a €20 voucher with that I had so technically with the rate of euros to pounds it was just under £150 for 2 nights in Venice from London.

So thats how I travelled to Venice on a budget for less than £150!


By Travel Blogger Mr Plane Guy.

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years working in first class with a London based airline. Sometimes crossing the atlantic 10 times a month!

Follow my YouTube Channel here

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