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The best gifts for people who like to travel

By Mr Plane Guy Travel Blogger, Flight and Travel Expert.

Thankfully travel is now BOOMING again! With a little bit more added stress! cheers covid, the gift that keeps on giving!

Talking of gifts here are some gifts for people who like to travel.

Travel gifts are can be a practical and thoughtful special gift, they create memories and experiences so they really are the best gifts for birthdays or whatever the occasion!

Here are a few of the best gifts for people who like to travel,

gifts that will add to travel and adventures in 2023 from making long haul flights better to improving your holiday away or creating a memory to capture from a certain destination.

The most obvious 'Best Gifts for People Who Like to Travel' is a Travel gift voucher, so you can actually contribute to future travel plans. No matter the occasion, a travel gift card is always a good idea: travel vouchers for a couple, honeymoon, short getaway, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mothers Day, Father's Day, or even holiday vouchers as a wedding present.

Travel gift vouchers allow the recipient lots of choices to many destinations. Surprise someone with flights to Europe, flight+hotel packages or with a hotel gift voucher. With a travel gift voucher you can get a wide range of experiences from budget breaks to luxury 5-star experiences.

How do the travel vouchers work?

Select the desired amount of credit you want to add to the travel voucher and which product would best suit their needs.

What I love about Lastminute.coms gift cards is that you can send the gift card with a personal message, a picture or photo. You can even record and upload a video message!

They have,

  • Holiday Gift card

  • Flight Gift Card

  • or Flight & Hotel Gift Cards

You just decide how much you would like to spend. How much are they worth? LOL

With the e-gift cards you can even schedule the date and time to send it on (Christmas day perhaps?) or you download and print it out yourself.

Here is a cool idea to physically gift the the gift card, I found these adorable little suitcase gift boxes on Etsy for less than £5!

Or did you have somewhere in mind ? You can get these amazing tickets printed out!

Have a look here for more information on Travel gift cards, gift vouchers and e-gift cards.

Who doesn't love Gin? It's defiantly the best gift for people who like to travel, or maybe they are a bit of an AVGEEK?

Aviation Gin is a completely unique and distinguished gin from Portland, Oregon. Based on a ‘Botanical Democracy’ Aviation Gin has a balance of flavours rather than being dictated by juniper. Yeah Whatever just get Ryan Reynolds to pour it, easy on the tonic! (you know he owns this gin brand right?)

How about a Travel Journal?

Papier have a gorgeous selection

each journal has the following inside......

  • About me page

  • Travel wishlist and trip ideas

  • Space for 6 journeys which each include transport, accommodation, budgets, packing lists, itineraries, journaling space and your highlights from your trip

  • Packing guide

  • Travel games

  • List of countries and an illustrative map of the world to colour in

It comes in lovely packaging, with the option to add a gift note at checkout! YAY

They also fit perfectly into Papier gift boxes!

Choose from 220 European destinations!


  • A two-night getaway for two people

  • Explore your fave European city!

  • Breakfast included

More info on this epic gift here

Been there? Scratch that! LOL

  • Show your friends all places youve seen.

  • Comes with its own carrying tube.

  • Keep track of all the cool places you've been.

Camping is out, glamping is in!


  • No need to slum it out in a freezing cold tent!

  • All the fun of the great outdoors with homely comforts

  • Choose from a range of beautiful UK locations

Or what about a gift for an AV GEEK? I got you!

These epic cases replica airline tickets and boarding passes are super cool for aviation and travel lovers! They can even be personalised, they have cases to fit most phone styles.

They offer free shipping worldwide on orders over £30!

All from a company called Blancspace

And look! They also come in cute AirPods case covers!

look I got mine YAY, a gift to myself!

AESOP Travel Set

Arrival Aesop Hair and Body care staples to help revive weary travellers at journey’s end and beyond, providing gentle, aromatic cleansing and hydration. Just £29! Perfect for a little treat after a long flight transit!

So I am curating this selection of the best gifts for people who like to travel and it is starting to look like my very own list of gifts that I would like for me!

some other items for travel enthusiasts! Av geeks and anyone who loves planes and travel!

They are all from a online store called Airportag who describe themselves as,


So Yes thats some ideas for you for The best gifts for people who like to travel

Do you have any ideas to add? please comment below I would love to hear!............

Mr Plane Guy | Travel Blogger | Travel and Flight Expert

Travel and flight expert Mr Plane Guy has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!

DISCLAIMER MrPlaneGuy.Com uses affiliate links. Affiliate links means that sometimes if you click through to a website and register or purchase something, we get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you. All opinions and reviews are our own.

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Paul Alpant Reavey
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