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Menton French Riviera GUIDE

Menton: The Guide to this French Riviera hidden gem town.

Nestled on the French Riviera, Menton is a gem known for its sun-kissed beaches and enchanting gardens like the Serre de la Madone. Wander through the historic old town, home to the Basilique Saint-Michel and the stunning facade of La Chapelle des Pénitents-Blancs. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an instagrammer, then you will love this town. Or if you just wanted a stunning french town to visit then Menton is also for you.

The French Riviera Hidden Gem Town of Menton

Is Menton, France worth visiting?

Yes just 30-40 minutes by train from Nice and around €10 return, getting here was so easy and just great to stroll around the amazing shops bars and restaurants this is a town with a lot of character and you will not be disappointed.

Why is Menton famous?

Menton is famous for its designer shops, medieval town feel, the bell tower, a micro climate and amazing beaches. Just the whole architectural orange tone vibe of the town is spectacular! If you want a picture perfect town to visit on the French Riviera go to Menton!

Menton French Riviera GUIDE

Can you walk from Menton to Monaco?

Yes you can it takes around 2.5 hours

Is Menton expensive to visit?

Pretty standard, costs for a French town, I had a aperol for €6 and mussels moules and frites for €15 for lunch, my train ticket from Nice return was €10.

Things to do in Menton

Can you spend the day in Menton?

Oh, for sure! Dive into the local shops, take a splash in the sea, and enjoy a delightful lunch right by the seafront. You might even decide to base your french Riviera holiday here for a few days - This hidden gem town of Menton has got that chill, laid-back vibe that's just so french and chic!

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Menton French Riviera GUIDE

Where to stay in Menton

Menton French Riviera GUIDE

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The French Riviera Hidden Gem Town of Menton

Menton French Riviera GUIDE

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