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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

UK Passport application fees rise and strikes play havoc on British passengers this summer!

UK passport application fees went up on 2 February 2023. The first price increase in 5 years! The government says the new fees will help reduce the reliance on taxpayer money to fund and improve the service.

As well as contributing to the cost of processing applications, the fees will support consular services overseas, like replacing lost or stolen passports, and the processing of British citizens at UK borders.

The increased fees will apply to both new passport applications and renewals for British travellers to able prove their British citizenship.


17 March 2023 Members of PCS union from Passport Offices in the Uk plan a 5 week strike action which will effect those British passengers who's passport is due to expire this summer!

How much will a new passport application cost?

A standard online passport application made from within the UK rise from £75.50 to £82.50 for adults

and from £49 to £53.50 for children.

Postal applications will increase from £85 to £93 for adults

£58.50 to £64 for children.

UK Passport Prices Going Up

How long do I need to leave for applying for a UK passport?

You should apply for a passport before 6 months has lapsed on your current passport and leave plenty of time for the process.

When should I renew my passport before it expires,

I would recommend around 9 months before it expires.

The best way is to apply online for the british travel document, which is cheaper than the paper application process.

over 95 per cent of standard passport applications have been processed within 10 weeks since January last year.

Online Premium Passport Service

£177 but you do have to make an appointment at a passport office to collect the passport.

Fast Track Passport Service

£142 Once you have had an appointment you can arrange for the passport to be delivered.

The priority service fee’s will also be raised in February with the hikes for all other applications.

So apply now if your passport is due for renewal this year as UK Passport Prices Going Up!

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Do you need to send your old passport when renewing your passport?

The answer to this is yes wether in person or by post you have give in your existing passport whilst your passport is being renewed.

Countries observe the 6-month passport validity rule:

  • Afghanistan

  • Africa

  • Algeria

  • Anguilla

  • Bahrain

  • Bhutan

  • Botswana

  • Brunei

  • Cambodia

  • Cameroon

  • Canada

  • Cayman Islands

  • Chad

  • Comoros

  • Curacao

  • Côte D’Ivoire

  • Ecuador

  • Egypt

  • El Salvador

  • Equatorial Guinea

  • Fiji

  • Gabon

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • Guyana

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Jordan

  • Kenya

  • Kiribati

  • Laos

  • Madagascar

  • Malaysia

  • Marshall Island

  • Micronesia

  • Myanmar

  • Namibia

  • Nicaragua

  • Nigeria

  • Oman

  • Palau

  • Papua New Guinea

  • Philippines

  • Qatar

  • Republic Rwanda

  • Samoa

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Singapore

  • Solomon Islands

  • Somalia

  • Somaliland

  • Sri Lanka

  • Sudan

  • Suriname

  • St. Lucia

  • Taiwan

  • Tanzania

  • Thailand

  • Timor-Leste

  • Tokelau

  • Tonga

  • Tuvalu

  • UAE

  • Uganda

  • United Kingdom

  • Vanuatu

  • Venezuela

  • Vietnam

  • Virgin Islands

  • Yemen

  • Zimbabwe

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