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After 15 years as a long haul flight attendant, I've learned a thing or two about packing efficiently, protecting your items, and managing your suitcase. Here's what I can share from my experiences.

Pack your suitcase like a PRO

Documenting Your Suitcase

An airport’s lost and found department can be an abyss and it's not uncommon for luggage to get lost. To help mitigate this risk, it's a good idea to document your suitcase and its contents. Take photos of your case, the label, and its contents. This will not only help you remember what you've packed, but it can also prove invaluable if your suitcase is damaged, lost, or stolen.

These pictures will come handy to fill out forms for claims or recovery.

For an added layer of security and peace of mind, consider putting an Airtag in your suitcase. This way, you can track it and increase the chances of recovery if it does get lost.

Packing Your Clothes

When it comes to packing clothes, the method you opt for can greatly affect how much you can fit into your suitcase and the state of your clothes upon arrival. One method that has worked wonders for me is rolling clothes instead of folding them. Not only does this create more space in the suitcase, allowing you to fit more items, but it also leads to fewer creases in your clothes. Remember, it's true what they say - take twice as much money and 50% fewer clothes!

Managing Your Suitcase

Choosing the right suitcase can make a world of difference in your travel experience. I recommend getting a suitcase with 4 wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. This allows for more mobility and it's easier to navigate through crowded spaces like airports or train stations. Plus, it's much easier to push a suitcase than to pull it. Trust me, after dragging a suitcase around for 15 years, I can attest to the frozen shoulders and neck it can cause.

Keep in mind that how you handle your suitcase can have implications on your health. Always strive to protect your back. Lift with your knees and divide the weight evenly if you're carrying more than one bag.

All packed and ready to go!

Packing a suitcase is an art that, when done right, can make your travel experience much smoother and more enjoyable. It takes a bit of planning and some strategic decisions, but with these tips, you should be well on your way to becoming a packing pro.

What's your go-to suitcase packing tip? Share it in the comments, and let's learn from each other. Traveling is an adventure - let's make the journey as good as the destination.

Suitcase that suits travel in 2024!

Cabin Max anode case

The Cabin Max anode is my go to case for trips up to 7 days, it fits so much, it's very light (2.5kg!) due to it being made from ABS which is very durable, so it even fits Ryanair's strict measurement requirements!

With 4 x wheels it spins 360 so you can easily push it.

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!


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