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Don't do this Tour of Tulips in Holland! Keukenhof Flower Park Review

Don't fall for the tourist trap at Keukenhof, I mean, I might be slightly dramatic, but it didn't quite hit the mark for me. Sure, there were some tulips looking all fancy and a charming windmill plus a boat ride for the enthusiasts, giant clogs for the gram. If that tickles your fancy, then go for it, you may really enjoy it.

Yes, they have pretty tulips all arranged in beautiful gardens, also an indoor display area which was giving Chelsea flower show vibes, except this one with the hose pipe in the middle of it! It’s probably a great day out for families; they even had a petting farm pen with sheep and goats.

But let me tell you, I was craving those 'Instagrammable' tulip fields, vibrant colours popping like confetti! You know real authentic fields, not so much the manicured gardens. I wanted to prance around like an influencer with 3 million followers, even if just realistically 200 people viewed the result, this wasn't the tour for that!

A soggy Mr Plane Guy was not impressed!

You meet by Amsterdam Central station, get on a coach and around 45 minutes later you get a little tease of tulip fields, then the coach pulls into a coach park lined up next to hundreds of other coaches. You walk through an ugly building and then you are penned in as the coach back to Amsterdam central is in three hours!

It felt like being herded like sheep, trapped in a tourist bubble, forced to splurge on overpriced latte and cake at every turn, (of which I did of course) to somehow make things bearable. This whole tulip gig is like a dated tulip-vending machine. Maybe this worked in 2008 but times have changed! Time to shake things up, Holland!

The BEST tours if you want Tulip Fields in Holland

Check out there amazing tours, they have so many to choose from! Like this amazing tour of the actual tulip fields in Holland!

They are with Get your guide, I use them a lot on trips away, I love their app, all the tickets downloaded on your phone ready to go, with interactive maps of where to meet.

When is a good time to see the Tulips in Holland?

The prime season is between March and May, with April being the best time to see tulip fields in Holland.

Here are some tours Viator have to offer,

Here is my video review of Tulip Tour Keukenhof Flower Park in Holland , apologies, it is very dramatic and may contain swearing.


If you're hungry for more Amsterdam adventures you regretted, I’ve got you covered!

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