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Ryanair 737 aircraft Essential tips for Budget travel with Ryanair

If you have any questions about Flying with Ryanair or anything about travel, please pop it in the comments...............I will get back to you as a Ryanair Priority :)

Buckle up, because I’m about to drop some essential travel tips for flying with budget travel friendly airline Ryanair.

First things first, let’s talk booking with Ryanair, flexibility is your best friend. If you don’t mind flying at what most people consider “ungodly hours” or on days when even the birds are too lazy to fly, congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the secret to snagging those jaw-droopingly cheap fares.

Essential Tips forBooking:

When booking, add items separately, don't get sucked in by the charm of packages, choose the 'Value' fare and then add what you specifically need. A seat reservations, cabin bags or priority boarding? Add them manually at the end of the booking process, adding the extras at the end of the booking can often reduce costs significantly!

Essential Tips for Check in:

With Ryanair, the golden rule is to ALWAYS check in online and print or download your boarding pass – if you don't, you could end up having to cough up, up to £55 per person, per flight.

Essential tips for Budget travel with Ryanair

Don't forget to take your printer to Corfu!

Note: Mobile boarding passes may not be accepted at specific airports,

  • Morocco

  • Greece

  • Albania

Check in and print out your boarding cards,

Passengers departing from these airports must check in online and have a printed boarding pass for their flight!

Remember, never leave check-in until you reach the airport. Failing to check in online in advance can result in a charge of £55 per person! Potentially more than the flight cost!!

If you check in online but don't have a printed boarding pass or a downloaded one on your smartphone can result in a £20 per person fee for a reissued pass at the airport!

Picture this: you're sun burnt, and broke after a blissful week in Corfu, free check in opens 24 hours before the flight home, so lets be honest who carries a printer in their beach bag with them?

So, what's a budget-savvy, printer-less traveler to do? The trick is to beat the Ryanair at its own game. Pay for that cheap seat selection a week before the trip away, from the comfort of your own home, where your trusty printer awaits.

Essential Tips for Baggage:

Now, onto the art of flying with Ryanair without losing your sanity. Pack light or face the wrath of extra fees. Imagine your suitcase is on a diet; only the essentials are invited to this party and by essentials, I mean, if you haven’t used it in the last week, it’s probably not essential. Onboard, arm yourself with snacks and entertainment!

When it comes to flying with Ryanair, understanding their baggage policy is crucial to avoid last-minute fees. Ryanair's fare typically includes only one small bag that must fit under the seat in front of you.

Non-priority customers are allowed to bring only one small bag into the cabin for free. This bag must fit under the seat in front of you, with maximum dimensions of

40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

Oh here is a link to a blog about my bag I use from Cabin Max, they really know how to design cases and bags for low cost airlines and they are designed with Ryanairs baggage rules.

The bags you need to use for travelling with Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air

Ryanair Priority

Purchasing a priority boarding pass allows you to carry an additional larger cabin bag of up to 10kg that can go in the overhead storage

55cm x 40cm x20cm.

Here is a video I made about my Cabin Max Anode! I have to say I really love mine as it is such good quality, it fits perfectly for 'Ryanair Priority' cabin bag measurements and is super lightweight because it is made from a light carbon material!

They usually pre board priority and you stand around in an airport gate for around 30 minutes like cattle waiting to graze. baaah.

My Cabin Max Anode 40L is the perfect fit for Ryanair Priority and

many other low cost airlines,

it's super light and really great quality.

This is the 40 litre version, I usually take this for trips 3 to 7 days and this is perfect for me. It has 4 x 360 degree wheels so you can push it around.

It also comes in a 30 litre version, the 30 litre version has just 2 wheels and you can take it onboard EasyJet and Wizz Air as part of your free baggage allowance, not Ryanair though!

TOP TIP check out my TikTok viral video about how to take on an extra bag for free, but keep it quiet ok?

Essential Tips for Inflight with Ryanair

Like most low cost airlines you have to pay for everything onboard, they sell the usual items.Ryanair don't have wifi onboard or entertainment and the aircraft are very dated and basic, they fly the 737- 800 and 737 Max aircraft. The seats don't have sockets or USB points, so don't forget the battery power bank.

I bought this nifty little phone holder for flights it was like, less than a tenner and I love it.

The seats are ok Im 186cm and its ok for me, I do have this other sneaky trick that sometimes works with Ryanair for pre booking seats.

You see they leave all of the good seats up for sale for people to pre book and pay for them up to 2 hours before, I usually check in as late as possible and that way you are more likely to get one of these seats for freeeeeeee

On my last flight with Ryanair the seats had crumbs all over them, take some cleaning wipes, the seats do not get cleaned at all between flights as Ryanair have just 25 minutes to turn a flight around!

Essential Tips for delays with Ryanair

Now Ryanair is a very puntual airline, infact they fly come rain or shine and rarely cancel or evern oversell flights YAY!

Things can and do go wrong though, so be prepared......

In case of delays, keep receipts for expenses and take screenshots as evidence. Ryanair will drag their heels in coughing up delay pay and claim it was out of their control unless you have evidence, screenshot every delay notification and update. You bought a meal because your stomach's rumbling louder than the plane's engines? Keep that receipt!

Have you been delayed with Ryanair, for delays more than 3 hours or even cancelled flights you may be entitled to up to 600 Euros per person under EU261 rules!

If you would like some help claiming back delay compensation, I recommend Airhelp, they are the best in the business! click here to check if you are due compo!!

They also have Airhelp Plus, for only £21.99 a year, you will get 100% of the compensation due and receive a fast €150 payout for checked-in bags that get lost or delayed on your trip, no proof of contents needed.

Essential is £21.99 a year! So well worth it if you take more than three flights per year, just for the peace of mind!

  • get you the money you’re entitled to from the airline:

  • - Up to £520 for compensation

  • - Up to £5,300 for extra expenses

  • - Up to £1,200 for luggage issues

  • No hidden fees

  • 24/7 support from our experts

  • AirPayout insurance for 3 trips

  • 10% off your eSIM card

Travel Math

Figure out the travel math, is the math, mathing ?

While you might still find a great deal with Ryanair, it's worth considering the total cost including flights and transportation to and from the airports.

Have you ever questioned why your 30 minute train ride to Luton costs more than the 3 hour aeroplane flight?

Well, welcome to the world of dynamic pricing and infrastructure funding models, my friend. It's a place where logic takes a backseat, and your wallet often ends up feeling a little lighter than you'd hoped.

I use the website from Rome to Rio to research how to get to my hotel in the destination.

Essential travel tips for budget travel Ryanair

So, as you embark on your next journey, remember: the world of travel math is bonkers but armed with knowledge, a sense of humour, and perhaps a willingness to embrace a little adventure, you can navigate it like the savvy explorer you are.

Traveling with Ryanair can be a breeze, allowing you to explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

Quick Tips:

  • Opt for lightweight luggage to maximise your allowance.

  • Print your boarding passes before your flight and have them on your phone and printed out! (Especially for Flights from Greece, Morocco and Albania)

  • In case of delays, keep receipts and take screenshots as evidence.

  • Consider wearing heavier items instead of packing them!

All of the above is in a quick vide, so you watch it instead, but don't forget to like and follow, deal?

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!


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