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Reykjavík Outventure is the BEST Northern Lights tour in Iceland

The Best Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

If you're travelling to Iceland this season then I would definitely recommend pre planning and pre booking your tours. One of the best tours you can do is to see the Northern Lights!

But will booking a tour guarantee I see the Northern lights?

Well no of course not, this is something I was sceptical of, surely if the Northern lights are in Iceland then paying for a tour wont make a difference?

Well Reykjavik Outventure are absolute experts and even when other tours cancel and say their is no chance. Reykjavík Outventure still manage to get results.

The Best Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

Taken on my iPhone 14 plus!


iPhones will automatically change to night time mode in your camera settings, hold it still for a few seconds whilst you take the photo!

Try not to look at your phone screen between shots, let your eyes adjust to natural night time vision so you will see the northern lights better with your own eyes!

I was picked up in a Mercedes mini van right outside my hotel The Grandi by Center hotels for 8:30 pm prompt! Just half an hour later the tour guide was taking this picture of me!

The Best Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

The tour guide Palli knew his stuff! Listening to his experience and knowledge of the Northern Lights was fascinating! He knew exactly where to go and when.

The tour was with a small group of around 12 and hot chocolate and cinnamon buns were served whilst we gazed at the stars and Northern Lights!

Remember to wrap up warm with plenty of layers!

How much does the tour cost? It is currently 19.000 kr (which works out at around £110)

They are currently offering a 20% off code, use OUT20

  • The best thing is if you don't see the Northern lights you can rebook as many times as you can whilst on your trip in Iceland!

  • It comes with FREE High Quality photos of you with the Northern Lights

  • They arrange small groups with a maximum of 19 on each tour

  • Reykjavík Outventure is the highest rated Northern Lights tour in Iceland

  • With hot chocolate, cinnamon buns and warm wool blankets

  • Experienced local guides that maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights

Link to website here,


The Best Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

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The Best Northern Lights Tour in Iceland


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