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Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Brussels

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop
Somebody lied and said you could try some, I never got to try any chocolate!

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

Do check out

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

Brussels is famous for its chocolate! fries, beer, and more. If you're up for a trip to Brussels, don't miss this Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop with Tastings. It's delightful and such a fun thing to do in Brussels!

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, it lasts around 90 minutes and in this time, a fabulous instructor goes over some of the interesting facts about making chocolate such as the cocoa to sugar ratios the origins of the beans and we tried different beans and samples of chocolate from around the world!

We then created various chocolate treats, beginning with a large chocolate bar filled with a variety of ingredients that we added after piping it into its mold. While that set in the fridge, we also made truffles, chocolate buttons, and we also made some chocolate writing, all to be packed up and brought home.


The solo adventure struggle was real as I found myself amidst lovey-dovey couples and a group of four female friends . Talk about standing out! I had to share ingredients with the couple next to me, which felt a bit awkward since it was one tray for two people. Nobody wants to third wheel! So Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this activity for solo riders like me, but it’s great for couples and groups of friends.

However I still loved it!

The cherry on the cake was a 20% discount on the chocolate gift shop and a free hot chocolate!!

This was such a fun activity to do in Brussels, particularly as outside was pissing it down!

How long does the Chocolate making workshop last?

Around 90 minutes

Where is it located in Brussels?

Literally 5 minute walk from Grand Place

What is Belgium famous for?

Well definatly chocolate, Belgium Beer is also up there as well as Frites! Not French Fries!

What other things would you recommend to do in Brussels?

  • Day trip To Ghent

  • Day trip to Antwerp

  • Brussels walking tour

  • Brussels food tour

  • Brussels waffle tour

  • Brussels beer tasting tour

  • Brussels chocolate tasting tour

  • Day trip to Bruge

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop

Brussels Chocolate Making Workshop

Where should I stay in Brussels?

Well you might like this article on the Jam Hotel Brussels, this is a great value funky hotel in the city centre packed full of amenities even a roof top pool and I paid less than 100 Euros!

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

Or here are some amazing deals of places to stay in Brussels,

Here is a video review of the Chocolate Making Workshop, don't forget to hit the follow!

Here is the end results BTW

Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review


Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop Honest Review

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