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The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels, Grand Place

The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : colourful map of Belgium

So I recently visited the Belgian capital, Brussels, for 24 hours and wow, I was blown away!

And I went all out, why? Because I wanted to understand the top things you should do with 24 hours in Brussels.

I fitted in so many amazing excursions and delicious Belgian fine dining, such as the classic frites! So here it is, I did it, I tried it, and I have sprinkled in some of my top tips here and there!

So you can either go with the flow and just wing it around Brussels and have a mediocre time or you can check out this guide The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : Everything You Need to Know and forward plan like a pro!

The Brussels itinerary and top things to do

  • Mannekin Pis

  • Grand Place

  • The Beer Museum

  • Brussels: Sightseeing Bike Tour

  • Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop

  • The Choco Story

  • Atomium

Let's Kick things off with the iconic Grand Place, ideally very early to avoid the tourists who will be out in full force touristing.

Enjoy free access to 49 museums in Brussels. Benefit from discounts on tourist attractions and tours, take advantage of discounts in restaurants, bars, and shops

Get free use of the public transport system during the validity of your card.

Next stop is The Beer Museum, situated in the square itself!

The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : Belgium Beer

The Beer Museum is located in the Grand Place square and is around 5 Euros (Cash only BTW) and you get a Belgium Beer to start your day off! lets not play any games here, It's just a pub with a few bits of history about Belgium beer, it takes around 30 minutes and a great way to lighten the mood relax and with some education and Belgium culture along the way. Tick this off the list

The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : Mr Plane Guy outside The Beer Museum Brussels

Then take a short walk to Mannekin Pis, right by frites and the Choco Story, a 5 minute walk from Grand Place.

Top Tip, check out this shop along the way it is so cool! Some really funny, cool souvenirs,

The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels : Try this shop Appart 17 concept store, I loved it lots of quirky souvenirs
The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels :  a white mug souvenir with the writing Bonjour Bitches!

15-17 Rue Des Grands, 2 minute walk from Grand Palace

Then it's time for the Chocolate Museum for The Choco Story! Who doesn't like chocolate? Who?

A great museum for people who love Chocolate! Everyone then?

Some of the models were a bit wooden and had seen better days, but all in all I really liked this museum, now the tourists were out touristing here, but you can avoid a queue by booking a ticket ahead and get one step ahead!

Will link it here, get yourself super organised!

The Best part of the Choco story was the demonstration towards the end, the instructor was so good! I left feeling like a chocoatier ready to open my own chain of chocolate shops, OK calm down!But well worth a trip here, it may be worth timing this with the weather in Brussels if its particularly cold, raining or maybe even too hot, pop in here its all indoors.

Then how about a Brussels Sightseeing Bike Tour?

Brussels: Sightseeing Bike Tour, within in 3 hours you will have covered the whole of the city!

Trust me the majority is down hill and the cycling is very gently and is for all levels of bike riders. This is a perfect trip for solo traveller as everyone's on their own bike, you get to chat and bond together its really fun way to see Brussels. It's also the perfect tour to do in a group of friends a couple or a family.

You get to take in Mannekin Piss, now don't worry if you have already ticked this off the list, he's probably in a different outfit ( yes outfit! It's what they do here )

We then went to a groovy flea market are steeped in history, then on to the

the UN buiding, cycling through wonderful parks and around this really bike friendly city was so much fun. Here is exactly what you will see and cover in 3 hours!

  • Manneken Pis

  • Marolles

  • Court House

  • Atomium (from a distance)

  • European Parliament

  • Jubilee Park

  • European Commission

  • Park of Brussels

  • Palace of Brussels and Mont des Arts

The trip includes a halfway stop for the best fries in Brussels and a beer (food and drinks not included in price, other food and drink options available). Cycling is the easiest way to see this beautiful city.

A little stop for Frites obvs and a Belgium beer, we cycled around some more exploring the amazing city of Brussels, Three hours flew by and it was time to return the bikes, with some amazing memories, photos and even a couple of new friends! I loved this tour!

The guide was so friendly and informative and clearly passionate talking about so many stories around Brussels.

After some light souvenir shopping it was time for my next activity in Brussels and I booked

a Belgian Chocolate Making and tasing Workshop.

The perfect experience for couples or a small group of friends,

The Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop with tastings, now I loved this experience, i learned so much whilst creating different chocolate treats to take home. It was around 1 hour and a half

I have to be honest (it's what I do) I think this is great for couples or small group of friends. On my own I was made to tag a couple and nobody wants that! It felt a little weird. Sharing ingredients and personal space, don't get me wrong they were a lovely coupe but nobody wants to third wheel, but would I do it again on my own, absoloutley!

Here is a full video I put on my socials, check it out and don't forget to hit the follow!


Now I’m not going to lie this is like 40 minutes out of the main city, jump on the metro, I was pushed for time so literally got the pictures then went but you can go up it. They also have a mini Europe next to it which is a literally a mini Europe! Who doesn't love a miniature village? Getting here was really easy on the metro, one line all the way.

You need to get on Line 6 towards Roi Baudouin

The stop for Atomium is Heysel

It costs around £3, trust me it was so easy, If I can do it! You can too!

The Atomium was built in 1958 for the Brussels world fair ( sounds like an old expo expedition) you can go up to the various vieing platforms, but not alot to see in this part of town. It's open daily but closes at 6pm.

TOP TIP Carry some Euro coins!Or turn into a 'Mannekin Pis' weeing in the street!

Now if like me you are a queen and don't carry cash! Well you will need some Euro coins here, almost every toilet, even the toilets in Maccie Dee's (Scouse for Mcdonalds) have toilet attendants and the charge is usually 50 cents in cash only! Now add in the occasional Belgium Beer along the way, you see where I am going here?

Other things to do in Brussels

Now if thats not enough or you have more time on your hands here are a few more ideas of things to do in Brussels, or from Brussels!

  • Day trip to Bruge

  • Day trip To Ghent

  • Day trip to Antwerp

  • Brussels walking tour

  • Brussels food tour

  • Brussels waffle tour

  • Brussels beer tasting tour

  • Brussels chocolate tasting tour

or how about a good old Hop on Hop off bus tour? Check out the many Brussels activities and tours by Get your Guide, they have an excellent range of activities for all budgets, I love their app, no need to print out tickets o the app will direct you to exactly where you need to go using their maps.

What is the best month to go to Brussels?

The best time to travel to Brussels or are the months of March to May and September to October. This is known as the shoulder season when hotels and transport costs are cheaper due to more availibility and the weather is mild, however March to early May expect daily showers!

November and December is a great time to visit for the lovely Christmas lights and markets.

Is Brussels a French speaking city?

OUI, but english Dutch and German are widely spoken!

Is Brussels an expensive city?

If your on a budget you can keep the costs down, lots of different street food options, Frites and beers for a few Euros, what more do you need? It's even Vegan friendly! The cost of living for Brussels is in line with most European cities.

Is Brussels more French or Dutch?

More French, this is the most common language spoke in this part of Belgium.

Can you recommend an affordable nice hotel for a city break in Brussels?

Funnily enough yes I can, I stayed at the Jam hotel in Brussels, a very arty stylish hotel, it even had a roof terrace with pool the perfect spot to relax in the afternoon after lots of walking around! All for less than £100 per night!


The Ultimate Guide to 24 hours in Brussels

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