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Essentials I recommend you MUST have on a flight and in your carry on bags! After 15 years as long haul cabin crew here are some of the absolute basics and essentials I recommend you carry.

1. A Good Moisturiser

Long haul Flight Essentials

A good moisturiser is essential, I currently use La Roche-Posay as I find it suits my skin type, I like the Rosaliac UV Riche as its quite a thick moisturiser it feels really nice on Long haul flights where the air is really dry. Its perfct for sensitive, dry to very dry, fragile skin.

2. A Hydration Electrolytes & Vitamin Tablet

Hydration is so important, I find if you drink a huge bottle of water on a flight then you are going back and forth to the loo and this isn't sometimes practical on a flight, perhaps your sat by the window etc! My advice is to drink 1-2 bottles the day before and after the flight, then during the flight a couple of glasses and something like this Hydration effervescent which will hydrate you more than water! So pop one in your glass of water during a flight.

Use an electrolyte beverage for effective hydration

I use this 3-in-1 Hydration, Electrolytes & Vitamins Tablet

PHIZZ- 8 quality and high-dose ingredients including 375% of your daily dose of vitamin C (the equivalent of 3 oranges) and the 4 key electrolytes lost through sweat. It also packs a self-care punch with zinc & other powerful antioxidants.

3. A Facial Spray

In this blog post Tips for travelling Long haul flights in economy blog post I really recommend the Khiel's cactus spray, check it out its superb!

4. A Face Mask

Fight the desert-like dryness in the aircraft cabin with a hydrating face mask.

5. Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes

Unfortunately post covid travel we are now more aware of the spread of germs, colds and flu's combine this with shockingly poor cleaning standards on my last few flights. You need to wipe down those places that don't get cleaned well, TV touch screens, latches, tables etc so they are defiantly part of my Long haul Flight Essentials.

6. A Good Lip Balm

Lip Balm: If I could only pack a single item for long-haul flights, I’d settle for a tube of lip balm.

Becky from

7. Travel Pillow

Here is a recent review of a long haul flight, that you might like!

I will put a link to the pillow, check it out.

Also its one that blows up so its really compact and doesn't take up much room in valuable hand luggage space.

So finally my final Long haul Flight Essential, is an audible audio books.

I usually take out the free trial before any trip as its really easy to cancel the trial and then you have access to the worlds largest stock of audio books and podcasts, perfect for flights!

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For Tips for travelling Long haul flights in economy

Mr Plane Guy | Travel Blogger | Travel and Flight Expert

UK Travel Blogger Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!

So that is my recommendations for Long Haul Flight Essentials.


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