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Updated: May 15, 2023

Trip Report on the Dreamliner! TUI Airways Boeing 787-9 London Gatwick to Aruba

Tui Airways Flight Review on long haul

Here is a video trip report of Tui flight review on long haul , click here to subscribe

London Gatwick to Aruba LGW- AUA

Flight Number: TOM002

Route: LGW-AUA

Aircraft registration: G- TUIN (delivered Nov 2019)

Aircraft typer: 787-900

SOBT (Scheduled off blocks time):10:15

Flight time: 9 hours

Flight Date: 21/09/2022

Bag drop was so smooth at London Gatwick, after some slight suitcase drama! Basically my suitcase broke on the train to the airport, and the long handle would not manoeuvre downwards into its position and would remain upright and sticking out, what do I do? Leave it, hopefully the case will arrive in Aruba and will navigate itself through the automatic baggage system of converter belts behind the scenes at Gatwick, will I snap it off?

I panicked and bought a monstrosity of a case from a left luggage outlet and spent my £100 new Rayban Sunglasses budget for Gatwick duty free on a hideous case! I quickly re packed my smalls (nothing small about them!) on the tiled floor of the suitcase outlet and proceeded on to the next possible drama of the day.


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Security at Gatwick airport was a breeze and before I knew it I was angrilly walking past the Ray-Ban concession at Gatwick on my way to Wagamama for overpriced poached egg on avacado toast.

So the pre flight experience was fine, after a summer of chaos in 2022 it could have been so much worse!

I was sat in my seat on the 787 still at the gate and noticed around 50 empty seats on board and the last few trickle of passengers boarded and I anxiously awaited to see if the row of three was just for my partner and I and BINGO the cabin crew announced "boarding complete."

We pushed back around 20-30 minuets late, no big deal here! It came in late from Cancun I believe.

I dread to think how the flight would have felt totally full, I think next time I fly TUI (or if?!) I would be inclined to splash the cash for premium economy. Unfortunately when I booked the holiday there only seemed to be 2-3 premium seats and none together so economy it was and I paid £21 each for two seats together in a row of 3 by the window.

I was very happy to see a USB cable on my entertainment system, this meant I didn’t need to worry about my phone battery needing replenishing whilst listening to Melanie C’s new autobiography on my audible account.

Oh audible plug here Did I mention I had audible? I always get the free 30 day trial before each holiday!

You also get a pair of headphones that fit into the port and the idea is you keep them for your return journey. After take off, drinks were offered by the cabin crew and again I was pleasantly surprised as I had assumed I'd have to pay for these with a holiday charter arline, but I was wrong! YAY!!

Around 2 hours into the flight dinner was served, mushroom provincial pasta and it wasn’t too bad!

What I did notice as an ex airline employee about the Tui flight review on long haul , so many things had been cut, taken away, cleary in some kind of cost saving objective. Obviously TUI have had a bad couple of years so no cash to splash.

  • no salt and pepper in the cutlery

  • no pretzels, snacks served with drinks

  • no inflight magazine

  • no starter on the meal tray set up

  • crackers and cheeses- no butter

  • no bread roll

For example it was just a very basic meal, the minimum, a hot part (what we called a hot bit or entree in airline language), cheese, cracker, plastic fork knife, tiny pudding.

Certainly nothing fancy on TUI! gone are the days of Britannia Royal service (perhaps your also British and In your 40's and recall this?) I guess the influence of low cost airlines and global economics have resulted in huge consumer shifts since 1990 in the airline industry!

Ugh even the carpets looked really worn! Its sad as this aircraft was delivered in 2019! but looked like a travelodge built in 1997, nothing dreamliner about it!

Another drinks round was offered a few hours later, then around 2 hours before landing an egg roll with a chocolate brownie, tea or coffee.

Not the most amazing flight I’ve had, but it got us there safely!

Ok so now for the inbound flight from Aruba to London Gatwick

Aruba to London Gatwick AUA-LGW

Flight Number: TOM003

Aircraft registration: G- TUIJ (deliveredJun 2016)

Aircraft Name: Pixie Dust

Aircraft typer: 787-900

Flight time: 8 hours 40 MINS

Flight Date: 28/09/2022

Once again we struck gold and after an anxious wait we had a row of three between us!

oh and flights back to the UK you do get,

  • a little fleece blanket

  • a cushion

  • and a bottle of water

I had this epic inflatable travel pillow I bought for the flight and I loved it, it really helped me to get a few hours sleep, leaning on it then shifting to relaxing my head on it! Those ones around the neck just don’t do it for me!

It looks strange but worked a treat!

Anyway I will leave a link to it here, it was really cheap and you blow it up, so it takes up no room at all if you are trying to travel light.

I watched a brilliant movie (King Richard with Will Smith, telling the story of Serena and Venus Williams sisters and the father) had a few hours sleep thanks to the pillow above :)

Then of course I listened to my new book (DJ Fat Tony autobiography)

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After a drinks service a crew member dropped off my meal before everyone else ( I ordered a vegetarian meal, which was really easy to do with Tui) but what a shame, it actually had meat in it! Not great service!

Around an hour and a half before landing the lights were turned on full bright to be given this pathetic excuse for a breakfast, 4 cubes of melon and an orange juice.

Come on TUI this is dire you can do better, how much is a croissant or a danish? My last impression of TUI was this.....

So unfortunately I didn’t eat anything on the flight, the food was not acceptable at all, I got off the flight feeling hangry and tired. Now luckily I had thought ahead at Aruba airport and bought myself a slice of Margerita pizza although it set me back close to £15!

A few days later I decided to email TUI about the poor catering, do they not know who I am? I have 250 subscribers to my Youtube channel!!! BIG MISTAKE! HUGE… I am a travel and flight expert! a travel blogger! A god damn Influencer and they will regret this! HA!!

oh yeah, can you subscribe to my channel here

I got a simple robotic generic response, thanks for your feedback we don’t give a flying f….. and know passengers book holidays based on cost and not wether they get a chunk of melon on the flight home!

to be honest i did put a tik tok out about this which so far 50k plus have viewed so thereTUI!!!

Take a look,

follow me here on TikTok.

I would fly with them again but I would have to fly premium and when you factor in that cost its probably better value to fly with Emirates or Qatar or a full service airline!


  • Flights on time

  • OK entertainment

  • Great room (thanks to a few empty seats)

  • Dreadful food

  • OK crew

So that was my experience and Tui flight review on long haul.

have you got a long haul flight coming up soon? This article may help.

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!

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