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Top Travel Essentials for less than £30, Travel essentials you didn't know you needed!

So here are some of the top travel essentials you can currently buy for less than £30!

Who doesn't love a gadget that makes travelling that little bit easier and smoother! Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below for travel gadgets or essentials that you didn't know you needed!

This Foldable Wireless Charging Pad, is compatible with the iPhone 14/13/12/11, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro and it is perfect to throw in your hand luggage. Do you have a phone iWatch and airpods? Then you will know the headache of getting them all charged whilst away on a break! The perfect amazon travel essential!

This toothbrush steriliser has built in high-tech deep UV-C sterilising module, with a mirror at the back of the cover, so it helps to reflect the UV light back to enhance the sterilisation. effect. With a sterilising rate of up to 99.9%, effectively killing bacteria in 3 minutes.

The magnet design on the back can make the toothbrush steriliser easily fix on a wall, or hotel mirror, it can be placed to dry and disinfect after brushing.

The size of the UV toothbrush sterilizer is very handy. You can easily put it in your cosmetic bag.

After 2 hours of charging, it can last one month!

This clever storage system categorises your travel clothes and other accessories. It means you can quickly unpack and have all you items folded and organised. With inner pockets, for accessories, charging cables, toiletries this is such a great travel essential for a holiday abroad.

This vanity mirror is perfect travel essential, you can choose different light colours, white light, warm light and natural light. It can be charged via USB. 25.5 x 19 cm and can be fixed at 90 or 75 degrees. The must have travel accessory in the UK.

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This is a perfect inflight essential, a phone holder mount that can attach to the seat in front of you on your flight to your destination! It's compatible with so many different sized phones or perhaps you can use it as a stand on your table.

This travel packing kit actually triples your luggage space! It comes with a little pump that can be charged with a USB cable, it will create an airtight seal meaning it will keep everything waterproof.

This cup holder can hold different size cups, coffee, drinks, etc. It also has a zip pocket on the back helps you organise small items. Even the interior is made of insulating material to keep your drinks cool or warm.

It is easy to install, uncover the velcro and insert it into the luggage bar, then fix it. It can be installed and removed quickly. With an adjustable shoulder strap, it can also be used as a drink carry bag. An essential travel item you didn't even know you needed!

Audible Free 30 day trial

Check out this article I wrote about theAmazon Audible FREE trial.

This is the perfect item and free trial to get before any journey, its perfect whilst waiting around at the airport, listen during the flight and on a trip abroad, its free for 30 days and super easy to cancel and you then have access to the worlds largest supply of audio books and podcasts!

This clever essential gadget wirelessly transmits the audio from inflight entertainment to your airpods! It even had a battery life of 20+ hours!


By Mr Plane Guy | Travel Blogger | Travel and Flight Expert

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!

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