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Wizz Air UK flights subscription

WIZZ Air has launched a multi-pass subscription from the UK.

You can now pay monthly to receive a regular flight each month, like a gym subscription or Netflix, but low cost cheap flights to Europe!

The European ultra low cost airline Wizz Air ( specifically the Wizz Air UK part) It's a year-long commitment at a cool £119.99 a month, which gets you one return flight. Or, for the commitment-phobes a one-way ticket for half the price at £59.99.

You might ask, "Why on earth would I want a one-way ticket each month?" Well, I don't have an answer to that either!

Wizz Air flights subscription

The WIZZ MultiPass is like a gym membership but for flights. You pay a set fee each month and you get to fly on WIZZ Air flights, taxes and fees included.

To get started, head over to the WIZZ MultiPass part of site, log in, and hop on to the “My account” page. Select the multi pass option. Then decide where you want to go each month, You also need to decide if you want just the basic ticket or

Ticket + WIZZ Priority

Ticket + 20kg checked-in bag

Ticket + WIZZ Priority + 20kg checked-in bag

This subscription is just for the UK Market but they also offer similare passes at different cost levels in

  • Poland

  • Italy

  • UAE

  • Albania

Have you flown with WIZZ Air UK? I made a review after I took a cheap flight with them from London to Mykonos I will link the video further down, do have a look.

Wizz Air fly to the Maldives!

Also did you know you can fly with Wizz Air to the Maldives? Yes really, Obviously via a European City and also with a stop in Abu Dhabi here is a post about that here.

Pre-book your airport parking with Holiday Extras and you could save up to 70% vs the price you’d pay on the day. 

Would you go for something like this? Where would you fly too? I've put a list of all of the Wizz Air flight routes from the UK, let me know in the comments and get ready to jet off every month for one whole year, Happy flying!

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Wizz Air delays

Have you been delayed with WIZZ Air?

Or maybe you will have a flight with them this summer? Now If you are fancying this one year subscription the WIZZ MultiPass then thats a lot of Wizz Air flights you will take and at some point you will be hit with a delay, its a numbers game! So here are my tips if you are delayed or your flight is cancelled with Wizz Air.

Wizz Air uk flights subscrption and wizz air delays
Wizz Air pays out £1.2m over disrupted flights

According to BBC News

Wizz Air are in fact an ultra low cost airline therefore aircraft utilisation is tight as timetables are maximised to drive down costs. With high density Airbus a321 aircraft with over 220 passengers and then having just 45 minutes to turn around at busy airports, along with the inevitable air traffic control congestion over the summer, French strikes as per usual. Wizz Air are heading for a very busy schedule which will result in lots of passengers entitled to flight compensation.

If you were delayed over 3 hours, you may be entitled to up to £520 in compensation!

Check out AirHelp who will look after any flight delay or flight cancellation claims for you.

Easy and hassle-free!

AirHelp handle your entire claim, from kick off to compensation.

AirHelp guide you through the essential documents, and submit them for you.

You simply submit your documents with AirHelp and they take it from there.


AirHelp handle all legal fees, and they will only charge a fee when you get paid.

Check here to see if you could be entitled to up to £520 for a delayed Wizz Air flight.

Wizz Air was the worst major airline for flight delays from the UK last year, according to an investigation.

So expect some Wizz Air flight delays and cancellations this summer!

What to do if my Wizz Air flight is delayed or cancelled?

Did you know you may be able to claim up to £520 flight delay compensation?

  • Know your rights UK 261 Regulations: Compensation for delayed flights in Europe

  • Keep receipts, for all expenses

  • Take screen shots of delays, delays on Airport screens, the times you were informed, by who, what did they say?

  • A flight departs when the aircraft pushes back, not from take off or when you get onboard

  • What did the flight crew say on their announcement, what was the reason for the delay?

  • Take extra snacks

  • Take extra medication, if you need any

  • Be prepared for things going wrong, cancelled flights etc, have a back up plan!

  • Travelling with Wizz Air with children? Extra toys, activities, blankets, charged up power banks, nappies, You get me?

Here is a Wizz Air UK review I put together for my Youtube channel, take a look and don't forget to subscribe.

Where do WIZZ Air fly too?

WIZZ Air routes from the UK

Wizz Air fly From London Gatwick South terminal to

  • London Gatwick to Malaga

  • London Gatwick to Faro

  • London Gatwick to Antalya

  • London Gatwick to Nice

  • London Gatwick to Dalaman

  • London Gatwick to Istanbul

  • London Gatwick to Marrakech

  • London Gatwick to Athens

  • London Gatwick to Catania

  • London Gatwick to Larnaca

  • London Gatwick to Hurghada

  • London Gatwick to Lyon

  • London Gatwick to Sharm el Sheikh

  • London Gatwick to Agadir

  • London Gatwick to Prague

  • London Gatwick to Podgorica

  • London Gatwick to Tel Aviv-Yafo

  • London Gatwick to Grenoble

  • London Gatwick to Vienna

  • London Gatwick to Rome

  • London Gatwick to Milan

  • London Gatwick to Venice

  • London Gatwick to Agadir

  • London Gatwick to Krakow

  • London Gatwick to Malaga

  • London Gatwick to Varna

From London Luton

  • London Luton to Salzburg

  • London Luton to Bourgas

  • London Luton to Tirana

  • London Luton to Sarajevo

  • London Luton to Plovdiv

  • London Luton to Sofia

  • London Luton to Varna

  • London Luton to Split

  • London Luton to Larnaca

  • London Luton to Prague

  • London Luton to Cairo

  • London Luton to Hurghada

  • London Luton to Sharm el Sheik

  • London Luton to Tallinn

  • London Luton to Grenoble

  • London Luton to Cologne

  • London Luton to Dortmund

  • London Luton to Frankfurt

  • London Luton to Budapest

  • London Luton to Debrecen

  • London Luton to Reykjavik

  • London Luton to Tel Aviv

  • London Luton to Prishtina

  • London Luton to Amman

  • London Luton to Kaunas

  • London Luton to Villnius

  • London Luton to Chisinau

  • London Luton to Skopje

  • London Luton to Tromso

  • London Luton to Bydgoszcz

  • London Luton to Gdansk

  • London Luton to Katowice

  • London Luton to Kraków

  • London Luton to Lublin

  • London Luton to Poznan

  • London Luton to Warsaw Chopin

  • London Luton to Wroclaw

  • London Luton to Bacau

  • London Luton to Brasov

  • London Luton to Bucharest

  • London Luton to Cluj-Napoca

  • London Luton to Constanta

  • London Luton to Craiova

  • London Luton to Iasi

  • London Luton to Satu Mare

  • London Luton to Sibiu

  • London Luton to Suceava

  • London Luton to Timisoara

  • London Luton to Tirgu Mures

  • London Luton to Lisbon

  • London Luton to Belgrade

  • London Luton to Bratislava

  • London Luton to Kosice

  • London Luton to Poprad-Tatry

  • London Luton to Palma

  • London Luton to Antalya

  • London Luton to Istanbul

  • London Luton to Dalaman

  • Liverpool to Gdansk

  • Liverpool toKatowice

  • Liverpool to Bucharest

  • Liverpool to Warsaw

  • Liverpool to Lasi

  • Glasgow to Budapest

  • Glasgow to Bucharest

  • Leeds to Gdansk

  • Leeds to Warsaw

  • Leeds to Bucharest

  • Leeds to Cluj Napoca

  • Birmingham to Bucharest

  • Birmingham to Budapest

  • Birmingham to Craiova

  • Aberdeen to Gdansk


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