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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

BREAKING NEWS!! Low Cost Airline Wizz Air now fly to the Maldives!

By Travel Blogger, Flight and Travel Expert Mr Plane Guy

The middle eastern part of Wizz Air based out of Abu Dhabi has commenced flights to the Maldives!

Flights with the ultra low cost airline Started in October 2022 and flights are priced from as little as £72!

Flights started on the 4th of October with the low cost carrier and they fly to the Indian Ocean island of The Maldives 4 times per week on Tuesday's, Thursday's, Saturday's and Sunday's on their A321 Neo aircraft.

“Here’s something new, with Wizz you can now discover the unrivalled white-sand beaches and the astonishing underwater world of the Maldives or the hidden cultural gems of Kuwait! Don’t miss the chance to explore something new from Abu Dhabi! The flights will be operated on an Airbus A321neo aircraft, which offers the lowest environmental footprint.”

You can fly to Abu Dhabi with Wizzair from several central European cities, which are very cheap to get to such as,

  • Sofia

  • Vienna

  • Catania

  • Budapest

  • Katowice

  • Athens

With Milan and Antalya launching flights direct to Abu Dhabi making it easier to connect from several points in Europe.

Check out the flight prices here

You could even add a little stop over for a night or 2 to really break up the journey and avoid the long 10-12 hour flight from the UK.

Or perhaps fly to the middle east with one of the luxurious premium gulf carriers, I came across this fare to Abu Dhabi via Bahrain with Gulfair for just £384 at the time of writing this. Check out flights to these destinations here.

For hotel Deals to The Maldives check out Trivago

Want to know what its like to fly with the ultra Low cost Airline Wizz Air?

Check out my review when I flew with them last summer,

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Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!

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Paul Alpant Reavey
Paul Alpant Reavey
Aug 21, 2022

would you fly to the Maldives with WizzAir (from Abu Dhabi)?

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