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Here is a guide to visiting Aruba Flamingo Beach!

I just thought flamingos must just roam around the islands beaches, no not at all, they are infact from Chille and there are only 2 places where you can visit them on the island!

The first way and in my opinion the best way to see Flamingos in Aruba is by visiting the private island, the Renaissance Wind Creek resort Aruba,

this is owned by the Renaissance hotel.

So their are 3 ways to get to the island

1. Buy a day pass

Getting tickets is super tricky! It would be easier to get tickets to see Adele!

Tickets are released a week before (usually on the saturday) at 9am local time,

Although I checked and checked from 9am on a Saturday and eventually seen that tickets were availible for a trip the following Tuesday and Wednesday only and they appeared online at around 10am on the Saturday before!

OMG OMG I screamed cruising the hotel breakfast buffet, abandoning my toast in the converyer belt toasting machine.

I focused on putting through my booking, few minutes later 2 day passes to Renaissance wind creek flamingo island all confirmed !

On the day you have to get a speed boat to the island. This goes from behind Lucys bar on the waterfront in Oranjestad, boats leave every 15 minuets from 7:30am until 6:45pm and takes around 8 minutes, even if you stay at the Renaissance you have to get the water taxi speed boat to the Flamingo Island.

If you have children then they only allow children to feed the flamingos from 10:00am

Tickets cost $125 per person ($62.50 per child, no charge for children under 4), you get a free drink and meal included, which to be fair my meal came to around $80 and was lovely!

There are a couple of bars and places to eat on the island but I would recommend the main restaurant, with much more choice here.

Do take your own towels and it's 25 cents for the flamingo food (the bar will give you change) plenty of high factor spf, and snorkel, their are some great natural water spring areas to explore

2. Book a Spa Treatment

Apparently you can just book a spa treatment and benefit from the island facilities all day, I called to enquire about this and I was told all treatments were fully booked for the next few weeks!

the third option is to stay at the hotel

3. Book to stay at the hotel

Here's the hotel on

If your not sure where to stay on the island, I would recommend staying at the Renaissance hotel, this will come with access to this private island which was an amazing experience and facility, stunning blue waters, quiet, relaxing, tropical it was truly bliss!

If two of you need tickets for the island day pass, you can get a room, I looked a few days before and was able to get a room for $230 room only! So this would be cheaper than getting two day passes!

De Palm Tour Island

Another option is to visit an alternative island, De Palm tour island, is situated a few miles further south on their own island.

Tickets here include

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  • Lunch Buffet,

  • Snacks, and Open Bar

  • Regular Beach Beds,

  • Palapas and Other Beach Facilities

  • Kids Waterpark,

  • Drop Slides,

  • and Daily activities

  • Banana boat rides (Min. 10 years old and/or 50" tall)

  • Use of Snorkeling equipment

  • Gratuities

  • SeaTrek,

  • Snuba, and Massages

You can book tickets here

Check out flights to Aruba Here,

So hopefully this has been a helpful to you, on your holiday to Aruba,

Aruba Flamingo Beach, The Guide

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