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Hotel Review Riu Palace Aruba

My Honest Review of the RIU Palace Aruba

By Mr Plane Guy Travel Blogger, Flight and Travel Expert.

Hotel Name

Riu Palace Aruba

Hotel Class


Hotel Size

450 rooms


J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 79, Palm - Eagle Beach Aruba

What do you get?

24 Hour All Inclusive


  • 24 hour reception

  • Gym

  • Free wifi

  • Spa

  • 5 Restaurants- Italian, Japanese, modern, steak/lobster, a sports bar (popcorn, hot dogs)

  • 2 outdoor pools, 1 children's pool.

  • Day and evening entertainment,

  • 5 bars

  • 'Capuchino' (thats how it was spelt BTW) patisserie & ice cream parlour

The Room

The room was OK, it was spacious and very clean and the twin sinks were great, it came with a fridge, iron and even 4 bottles of spirits! Now we booked a Garden View room, as that was all that seemed to be available, however we did get direct sea views so I was very pleased with that! The problem with the room was the balcony was tiny and you couldn't sit out on it and enjoy the views and sea air!

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Riu hotels have a app for your phone, you can check in, see what's on the menus etc and it also has a messaging service, like an online concierge.

So I thought I would give it a try and order a couple more pillows for my bed, but they didn't arrive unfortunately :(

The various restaurants have to be booked (except the main dining hall), it would be good perhaps if you could have booked using the app, but this wasn't possible. They are on a first come first serve basis, so if you want to dine in one of them you have to queue up at 6pm when they open.

The Best Bits, YAY!

The staff and service by almost all of them was excellent, they really went out of their way to deliver great service,

Imagine being brought cocktails by the pool without even asking! “come on your on holiday, try this”

However I had an issue with my room (more about that shortly) and unfortunately reception were terrible, sometimes it's not what you say, its the way you say it!

Here are some amazing tours and things to do in Aruba! Check them out! They are all with Get your guide who are so good at organising trips, I love the Get your guide App, you can see all your bookings, tickets, where to meet etc all on your app!

I did the Happy Hour Sunset Cruise, this is a must do! OK?

The Food at the Riu Palace Aruba, was it fit for a Queen?

The food choice in the main restaurant was excellent, a really choice to suit everyone! Even me a lactose intolerant flexitarian!

Buffet style concepts can be so bad, but this was all super fresh with lots of choice, lots of counters where the food was being freshly prepared and served.

A mimosa and bloody Mary station! Yes

If I was being really picky then it was quite catered towards the American market, lots of caesar salads, pizza, burgers. I mean I love American culture, and food, but I would have preferred more Caribbean influence in the food served. Maybe even some Dutch influence, like a slab of edam etc

A tiny selection of local food to try

The staff really going for it when it was someones birthday!!!

The Bad Bits

My first impressions were not good! After we checked in after a long flight we wanted a little swim in the Caribbean sea and walking through the main pool area where the sound system was pumping out “shot shot shot” , was it Spring Break? Are we in Vegas? I wanted tranquility and rest and I chose the wrong place for that! That was apparent, immediately!

I went to the little cabana for a towel and they had no towels left!! What kind of place was this?

Not a great first impression!

Throughout my 7 night stay the room key system to my room was broken, almost every time we left the hotel room it would require the key card replacing as it wouldnt work. So on average I was changing the hotel key 3 times a day.

Maintenance came to check the door and this seemed to rectify it for 1 out of the 7 days!

I talked to reception about it several times and it seemed to be a common problem here at the Riu Palace Aruba! I was promised a call from a manager, but that never happened. Luckily we got to know the cleaner and she would let us in as well.

Entertained? Erm No

Moving on to the the entertainment! Well it was terrible here, awful, in fact more like torture!

One day it consisted of 4 American guys competing in games such as downing a pint of larger, drinking style games, musical chairs etc. A couple of nights later when passing the bar (I wasn't staying thats for sure) they had a really naff Bruce Springsteen style rock singer.

I'm in the Caribbean, it should be steel bands and calypso! I don't want to listen to Chuck from New Jersey singing out “New York New York” at 4pm by the pool, with an impromptu awkward karaoke performance prompted by the animation team, not ok Chuck.

Purely based on the entertainment I would never return to this hotel! EVER!

Hotel style or lack of!

Moving on to the decor of this hotel, well it looked like it hadn’t been updated since 1997 it was really tacky and to be quite frank downmarket and not the 4 star "palace" I was expecting!

Someone was on a tight budget!

Luckily we had a day out to the Renaissance Wind Creek hotel and its private flamingo Island, now this was stunning! I instantly regretted not booking this hotel for the week, its was luxurious, polished, tranquil and exotic and I felt like I was in a luxury Caribbean resort and not a spring break in Reno. So my advice if you are thinking of going to Aruba,

STAY AT THE RENAISSANCE WIND CREEK RESORT! Here is a guide to the flamingo island and how to get there

A summary of My Honest Review of the RIU Palace Aruba.

  • Great food and plenty of choices

  • Mostly great service

  • Terrible entertainment

  • This is a dated mainstream loud hotel

If you want all inclusive in a spring break style party vibe, then this is your place!

So that is My honest Review of the RIU Palace Aruba.

Are you thinking of visiting Aruba soon? I always check trivago first as they check multiple hotel providers for you!

By Mr Plane Guy Travel Blogger, Influencer, Hun, Travel Writer

Hello I’m Paul a Travel and flight expert, I spent most of my career working in and around planes with 15 years providing top-notch service with a London-based airline. I became an expert in travel after soaring across the Atlantic up to 10 times a month!

I’m now, producing travel content, reaching millions of viewers monthly. Reporting on travel news, sharing travel tips, reviews, and deals with a sprinkle of humour and a whole lot of authenticity!

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My honest Review of the RIU Palace Aruba
My honest Review of the RIU Palace Aruba

Here is a little Video I made of Aruba check it out and don't forget to subscribe!


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