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Singapore Airlines Business Class Review


  • A350-MSN 116 9V-SMO

  • Serial Number 116

  • First Flight 22/05/2017

  • SQ378

  • Flight Time 1hr 25 minutes

  • Seat 22k

  • Seat Configuration 42 in business class 1-2-1 config 24 in Premium and 187 in economy

OK OK let me be clear this was a 2 hour flight between Milan (MXP) and Barcelona, but what a great way to see a few different amazing cities in Europe! so yes the fare was £197 for business class! No special offer, no using millions of flying miles, just bought through good old Skyscanner.


Departs Singapore 23:45 arrives in Milan at 05:55 the next day

Departs Milan 07:15 arrives in Barcelona 08:50


Departs Barcelona 10:10 arrives in Milan 11:50

Departs Milan 13:10 arrives in Singapore 08:05 the next day

So I made the most of it and bought a cheap EasyJet flight to Milan had a little city break to this wonderful Italian city then off I went to Malpensa the next morning for a few days in my favourite European city Barcelona.

Here is a link to a blog about Barcelona here

This particular flight Milan to Barcelona is what’s known as a fifth freedom flight.

Rules for airlines where originally drawn up at the Chicago convention back in 1944 regarding airlines flying through different airspace without landing. Fifth freedom allows airlines to fly to different countries and to stop somewhere en route and it allows the airline to drop off and pick up new passengers.

As cabin crew in the 00’s with Virgin Atlantic I worked on quite a lot of routes like this within the Caribbean before flying to London. We always referred to these trips as " bag drags."

For example I would start my flight as crew in Antigua with some passengers then fly for around 40 minutes to Barbados, pick up more passengers and fuel and then head back to London! Long days!!! Oh the memories trying to get a head count of the passengers onboard a 747 and to match this figure with the ground staff!!

Anyway back to my review of How I flew with Singapore Airlines in Business for less than £200!

My day started bright and early at Milan Malpensa, in fact I stayed at the Moxy hotel the night before at the airport which was quite an experience!

So the morning of the flight their was no fancy check in at Malpensa, just around 11 passengers booked on the flight, but I was given a security lane fast track pass.

I was also given access to the Airport lounge, but erm was a bit like a morgue! No vibe here, just dark dated seats and hideous lighting! (More about that on my youtube review!)

Also post pandemic so no crockery as well as some other slight differences. Not the best lounge i’ve been in!

It was time to board and even though the aircraft was fixed to a jetway we were bussed from a gate around to the aircraft, strange?!

The Seat

I was in seat 22k which was the last seat row in Business Class onboard Singapore Airlines A350.

I would recommend a bulkhead seat rows 19 onboard the A350. These are usually locked in until a few days before departure to be available to families with infants and top status card holders.

As all of the other rows on the Singapore Airlines A350 non-bulkhead seats have smaller footwells and you are required to sleep at an angle.

yes third world problems!

but row 19 comes with much better leg space!

So much handy storage on Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class seat, was great to have a little vanity mirror for fixing my quiff!

The catering,

It was just a quick flight so just a cute little afternoon tea cakes selection was served with a drink.

The cabin crew were so attentive and lovely and used my name several times to welcome and thank me which made me feel totally special!

What is the best business class seat on a Airbus A350 900?

Within the aircraft, it is fitted in a 1-2-1 configuration. If you're looking for more privacy, I recommend choosing the window seats towards the front. If however you're travelling with a partner, it might be better to choose the middle 2 seats.

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So yes a great flight and experience, if you have never flown business class before give this a go its lovely little treat to give it a try! Trust me though you won’t want to fly economy again!

And thats how I flew with Singapore Airlines in Business for less than £200!

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!


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