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Here is everything you will need to know about Aruba

direct flights to aruba from uk

direct flights to aruba from uk


Flights from the UK to Aruba

London Gatwick to Aruba (Oranjestad)

From March 26, 2023, British Airways will fly to Oranjestad in Aruba twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays, with a stop in Antigua en route. British Airways will fly to Aruba using its 777-200 3 class aircraft offering,

  • World Traveller (Economy)

  • Club World (Business class)

  • World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)

It seems though this has ended TUI 's direct weekly 787 flight from London Gatwick with this stopping in March 2023.

Flight time from the UK to Aruba

Flight times from London to Aruba are around 9 hours,

Flight from Aruba to London around an hour faster at 8 hours.

Flights with British Airways to Aruba will stop in Antigua therefore this will extend the flight by at least another one hour, whilst the aircraft refuels in Antigua and passengers get off and on.

Alternatively KLM fly direct to Aruba daily from Amsterdam, the flight does stop in Bonaire on the return flight, the flight from Amsterdam to Aruba is around 10 hours!

Another option is to fly via the USA, JetBlue will introduce daily flights from Newark from June the 15th.

When is the cheapest time of year to fly to Aruba from the UK?

September is the cheapest time to travel to Aruba as its low season and demand is low, plus tradewinds keep the desert like island slightly cooler making it a less popular time to travel to Aruba.

direct flights to aruba from uk

How many days do you need in Aruba?

Honestly I felt that one week just wasn't enough, 10 days. The beauty of British Airways flying twice weekly to Aruba You can fly out on a Thrursday and fly back 10 days later on a Sunday. You can break up a few lazy days with different things to do such as,

Things to do in Aruba

  • Visit Flamingo Beach

The best way to see Flamingos in Aruba is by visiting the private island, the Renaissance Wind Creek resort Aruba,

I wrote a full blog article about the island HERE

  • A visit to the Capitalof Aruba Oranjestad

direct flights to aruba from uk

  • A boat trip around the island

  • A tour of the island

  • Visit different beaches on Aruba

Eagle Beach

Palm Beach

Baby Beach

Arashi Beach

Manchebo Beach

Baby Beach

Is Aruba the same as the Bahamas?

No not at all, I've visited both and both have a lot of character and lots of differences. Its like saying is Tenerife the same as Crete? I'm surprised this is even a question on google!

Aruba has a dutch influence as it is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it also has quite a dry dessert like climate and because of its geographical position in the Caribbean it tends to miss any impacts from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Who owns Aruba?

Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is part of the ABC islands


direct flights to aruba from uk

What currency is used in Aruba?

The currency is the Aruban Florin which 1 is around 50p but the US DOLLAR is commonly used on the island.

Should I tip people in Aruba?

It is not custom but it is expected that tips of 15-20% is given for service providers, hotel cleaners, food servers etc

The top 5 places to stay in Aruba

These are the top 5 places to stay according to TripAdvisor

I stayed at one of the island most popular resorts the Riu Palace, I wrote a full review on it here check it out here

direct flights to aruba from uk

I made a review for TIK TOK

Check it out, oh and follow me

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direct flights to aruba from uk


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