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British Airways Business class in Europe London City

Is flying British Airways Business class in Europe worth it?

Trip Report:

British Airways CityFlyer





Come with me as I fly with British Airways in Club Europe from Amsterdam to London City airport right in the heart of London.

British Airways Business class in Europe London City

Flying out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport meant I was able to use the brand spanking new One World lounge! This opened in February 2024 as a shared lounge between the One World alliance airline members, its situated in the Schengen departure zone of the Airport in departures between gate 40 and 41.

I will tag a full review of the lounge, here take a look (coming soon, like this week, OK?)

I 'travel mathed' myself in to paying way more for this flight, considering it's the same seat if I had I flown economy, but obviously I wanted to try the new One World lounge for you guys, so I had to sit and enjoy the champagne lifestyle, the things that I do for you!

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So I gained 321 avios points and 40 tier points around £45 in value! For this flight, now I ‘m not going to pretend I’m this savvy arline reviewer with a wallet full of airline loyalty cards and fly first class for £1, I wish someday I could be that person, I’m just not that into it

British Airways Business class in Europe London City

Thankfully Club Europe BA includes 'Fast Track' which was a third world problem god send! Amsterdam Schiphol airport was tres busy. Did you know Amsterdam Schipol Tis Europes busiest Airport, because of this passport control was around a 45 minute queue (it felt like 2 hours) time!Eventually through and in the swanky new One World Alliance lounge, I then made my way to the gate area and after around a 10-15 minute delay it was time to board the London City based British Airways embraer aircraft.

This British Airways Embraer aircraft flies for British Airways under the City Flyer brand based at London city Airport with a seating capacity of 98 with the cabin configured 2-2. The Club Europe and Euro Traveller sections are divided by an adjustable curtain, however the seating arrangement is essentially the same in both classes.

The flight was very quick at 41minutes, and the taxi to the runway at schipol was 16 minutes, it felt like we were literally driving to London!

We eventually we took off and a meal was serverd straight away, which was delicious!

It was a chicken and coleslaw salad, I was offered a choice of this or a Bali salad? Not sure what a Bali salad is, but the chap next to me was offered a Bali salad or a Bali salad. He declined the Bali salad and low key sulked.

I enjoyed my chicked salad even more!

I was sat in the 2nd row of Club Europe, with just 2 rows of business class today, I have to say the first row either side would have been better, they get way more leg room!

1 A or B


2 C or D

are the seats to choose if flying Business Class Club Europe with British Airways City Flyer on there Embraer aircradft.

After a glass of champagne it was time to land into London City after flying over Southend pier, which is weird as I was on the pier a few weeks ago!

Here is a full video of my review on tik tok don’t forget to follow


British Airways Business class in Europe London City

Travel and flight expert Paul has spent over 15 years giving first class service with a London based airline. This travel and flight expert has been crossing the Atlantic sometimes 10 times a month!


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